Gamla ATR system


The Gamla ATR is a rugged conduction cooled ½ ATR sized computing, control and communication device. The system is conduction cooled with external forced air cooling, serving in a harsh airborne environment approved for MIL-E-5400T, Mil-std-810, MIL-STD-704, Mil-std-461 and Mil-std-461. This unit comprises of a general purpose COTS computing board, dedicated processing board, radio transceiver, power supply and an active Front Panel/Motherboard.The Gamla Front Panel/Motherboard incorporators all the external interface (Circular Mil-Std) connectors, while its back side serves as the backplane for the plug-in modules. This design eliminates any utilization of internal interconnecting cables and ensures the highest level of reliability and endurance.


Main Features:

  • Airborne mission computer.
  • Rugged Aluminum milled conduction cooled construction.
  • Extended operating temperature range: -54 C + 75C
  • Intel NEW ATOM based VPX/CPCI computer board.
  • Proprietary digital & RF modules.










GAMLA ATR system1GAMLA ATR system4GAMLA ATR system3GAMLA ATR system2GAMLA ATR system6


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