xmrs120x 650XM RS1/20X -  XMC  3 x RS232 and 4 x RS422/RS485

The XM RS1/20x is a multi-channel asynchronous serial communications XMC adaptor which supports either 3 x RS232 ports, 7 x RS232 ports or 3 x RS232 and 4 x RS422 differential (RS485 multi-drop) ports. It is suitable for use with XMC Host Boards of many form factors including VME, VXS™, VPX™ and CompactPCI®. The XM RS1/20x is ide ally suited to expand upon the number of serial ports of the host processor board, or fitted to a passive carrier, and can be used in a wide range of industrial, commercial, telecommunication, financial and defense applications. For harsher environments, extended temperature, ruggedized air-cooled and ruggedized conduction-cooled versions are available. To simplify the board’s integration many popular industry standard operating systems are supported.





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