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Custom Hardware

Custom hardware boards are typically developed to complete a functional requirement for a system solution designed in our systems division, or as a standalone project.  Custom hardware is designed and built to Spec, based on technical and enviromental specifications defined by our customers for the system solution or at the specific board level.  In many cases our experienced system engineering group assists with the definition and adaption of the technical specifications towards the practical and the operational needs. EPS custom boards and modules cover all relevant disciplines such as electronics, logic & FPGA, firmware, real-time embedded software, operational APIs, as well mechanical and thermal solutions.

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EPS Technologies Designs and manufactures custom hardware in a broad range of technologies for the industrial and defence markets. Custom hardware is typically developed to complete a functional requirement for a system solution, or as a standalone project.

System Engineering:

  • Designed and built to spec.
  • Definition of hardware based on System level considerations.
  • Practical approach to design.
  • Use of existing hardware "building blocks".
  • Complementary software development.
  • Environmental and regulatory considerations.
  • Testability and Test Jig design.
  • Design with Time to market goals
  • Design to cost.

Design experience in the following fields:

  • High speed digital circuits.
  • Communication hardware and protocols.
  • Audio circuits.
  • Analog I/O.
  • Carrier boards.
  • Power supply & filter circuits.
  • Backplane design.



Qualification and verification:

  • Qualification processes.
  • Environmental & EMC testing.
  • Acceptance test & procedures
  • ESS screening.



Project Management:

  • Project manager assigned to each project.
  • Structured project management.
  • Formal design reviews.


SRMA board 2

Engineering documentation and Revision Control:

  • Structured engineering documentation.
  • Managed engineering archives
  • Formal ECR/ECO's processes


MCPU Carrier 2

Operations and Q.A

  • Managed material procurement processes.
  • Managed production & test processes.
  • Managed Quality control processes.
  • Managed Production documentation archives.


EPS-PCM-B-xx 1



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