Four and two-port isolated RS232 PCI Express Mini Cards


Main Features:


  • PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) type F1, with latching I/O connectors
  • 4 or 2-port mPCIe RS232 serial cards with optional DB9M connectivity
  • 500V isolation port-to-port and 1500V isolation port-to-computer on ALL signals
  • High performance 16C950 class UARTs with 128-byte FIFO for each transmit and receive buffer
  • Supports data communication rates to 921.6kbps
  • Virtually any custom baud rate may be configured by the user via register settings, no custom oscillator needed
  • ±15kV ESD protection on all signal pins
  • Supports 9-bit data mode
  • Supports CTS and RTS
  • RoHS and Industrial Temp (-40°C to +85°C) both standard





PC Interface:

  • PCI Express Mini Card: Type F1 "Full Length" V1.2


Communications Interface:

  • Connector
    • I/O: Hirose DF57 5-pin, latching
    • Mating: Hirose DF57H-5S-1.2C
  • Serial Ports: 4 (or 2) RS-232
  • UART: Quad 16C950 with 128-byte FIFO for each transmit & receive buffer
  • Baud Rates: Up to 921.6k baud (advanced-prescaler allows a wide variety of unusual baud rates to be achieved)
  • Character length: 5, 6, 7, 8 bits (contact factory for assistance with 9-bit data)
  • Parity: Even, Odd, None, Mark, Space
  • Stop Interval: 1, 1½, 2 bits
  • Flow Control: RTS/CTS, Xon/Xoff, None




  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Storage Temperature: -65°C to 150°C
  • Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing
  • Power required: +3.3VDC @ 1.8W (typical)
  • ESD Protection: ±15kV on all signal pins (IEC 61000)



  • Weight:8 grams
  • Size: length: 50.95mm (2.006″); width: 30.00mm (1.181″)

The 4-port model violates component height restriction on ″bottom″ side by up to 1.3mm. Confirm your host PC does not place components under the mPCIe footprint before ordering.



  • Tru-Iso
    • IPC-221B
    • Port-to-PC: 1500V peak (AC or DC)
    • Port-to-port: 500V peak (AC or DC)

Careful attention has been paid to isolation design, including extensive keep-out zones and hand-routed circuit paths, as well as component and material selection.


Regulatory Compliance:

  • This product is designed to be in full compliance with CE requirements.







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