Customer demand for small, high performance computer modules is strongly increasing. For this reason, congatec AG, some large customers and two additional embedded computer manufacturers decided to create the miniaturized “COMPACT” computer module based on the COM Express connector and signal definition. The Size defined Compact module features all the functions of the Basic module/type 2 connector layout but reduces the size to 95x95 mm². The PICMG has already defined two module sizes: the Basic module (125x95 mm²) and the Extended module (155x110 mm²).
The COM Express Compact will offer a maximum of 22 PCI Express Lanes, 4 Serial ATA, 8x USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet. The parallel PCI Bus and the parallel IDE interface will still be maintained thereby allowing a smooth upgrade to todays fastest serial buses.
This new concept will permit easy integration while providing the latest I/O interface technologies and will also enable large headroom for future applications



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