CPU 111-10 6U VPX Quad-core 2.13GHz L5408 Intel Xeon


The CPU 111-10 is a high performance Single Board Computer (SBC) based on the 6U VPX (VITA 46) form factor. It is Open VPX compatible per profile MOD6-PAY-4F2T- This profile indicates a 6U Payload Module having 4 fat pipes (10 GBase-BX4) and two thin pipes (1000Base-T).
Offered in both convection cooled and ruggedized conduction cooled variants, the CPU 111-10 will meet the needs of numerous commercial and military applications.
At the heart of the CPU 111-10 is one quad-core Intel L5408 Xeon Processor, an Intel 5100 Memory Controller Hub (MCH), and an Intel ICH9R I/O Controller Hub (ICH), forming the central processing backbone of the design. Up to 4 GBytes of DDR2 SDRAM are supported with the MCH running at up to 1066 MHz double data rate speeds.


Main Features:

CPU Quad-core 2.13GHz L5408 Intel Xeon

RAM 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533/667 MHz (1066 MHz DDR) STATIC MEMORY 16Mbit SPI Flash
16Mbit Firmware Hub
16GB soldered NAND FLASH
ETHERNET SWITCH 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch (Fulcrum FM3224)
Layer 2 switching
Full-mesh connectivity between up to 8 VPQ/VRQ boards
P1 INTERFACES 4x 10Gb Ethernet
P2 INTERFACES x12 differential pairs (User I/O)
1x 10GB Ethernet
P3 INTERFACES x64 single ended (User I/O) P4 INTERFACES 1x 10Gb Ethernet
2x Gb Ethernet
2x USB 2.0
1x RS-232/485
1x VGA
P5 INTERFACES x12 differential pairs (User I/O)
1x 10GB Ethernet
P6 INTERFACES x64 single ended (User I/O) XMC/PMC 2x XMC/PMC front panel and rear.
Busses: 64bit/133MHz PCI-X, x8 PCIe
FRONT PANEL INTERFACES 10Gb Ethernet; SFP+ Copper or Optical




CPU 111-10



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