IC-DC2-VPX3a VPX 3U Intel® Core™2 Duo SL9380 SU930


3U VPX Based on the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor SL9380 (or SU930) associated to the Intel® 3100 Chipset. Designed for applications requiring a very high level of performance in a compact 3U form factor, (PCI Express VITA 46.4).


Main Features:

Processor Unit

  • one Intel® Core™2 Duo processor SL9380 (or SU9300)
    • Core speed = 1.8GHz (or 1.2GHz)
    • FSB speed = 800MHz
    • L2 cache = 6MB (3MB)
    • Thermal design power = 17W (10W)
  • DDRII 400 with ECC (up to 2 GBytes, default 1GB)
  • one boot flash memory (up to 16 Mbits)
  • Up to 16GB of Soldered NAND flash
  • one Calendar clock with supercap backup
  • one thermal monitoring sensor

Communication subsystem

  • 8 lanes available as one PCIe x8 or two PCIe x4 links
  • (hardware setting)
  • 2*GigaEthernet ports available either as 2*1000BT inter- faces or 2*1000KX (or SGMII) interfaces on P1 (factory setting)
  • 2 * UART
  • 2 * USB2 ports
  • 2 * SATA ports
  • 12 * GPIOs







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